22 mai 2004

Daria Morgendorffer
Our heroine. Daria displays the emotional range of a paper towel. A paper towel that's been run over by a car. She has feelings, though; she just doesn't express them. Ever. Daria's more cynical than any organic creature to date in the universe, but she'll be a good friend to you if you can convince her to become your friend. Which you can't.
Quinn Morgendorffer
Daria's sister. That is, unless you ask the Lawndale High Fashion Club. Quinn's a flagship member, so she can't let it be known that someone as "weird" as Daria is closely related to her. Anyway, Quinn's pretty much the most popular girl in school. To her, cuteness is like air: she needs it to live.
Helen Morgendorffer
Daria and Quinn's mom, Jake's wife. She's a big-time lawyer at the law firm of Vitale, Davis, Horowitz, Riordan, Schrecter & Schrecter. Helen swims with the sharks and eats them, then comes home and makes dinner.
Jake Morgendorffer
Daria and Quinn's dad, Helen's husband. Jake's a self-employed marketing consultant, which pretty much means he never leaves the house. Jake's kind of stressed and about as stable as soft-serve in the rain.
Jane Lane
Best friend of Daria, but slightly less cynical (which isn't hard). Jane's an artist. She's had a few boyfriends, been on the track team, and together with Daria has eaten her body weight in pizza several times over.
Trent Lane
Jane's brother and lead singer of Mystik Spiral, a band poised to take Lawndale by storm. Daria had a crush on Trent for a while, but he never realized it. Of course, Trent's also never realized that eight o'clock comes twice a day.
Brittany Taylor
Cheerleader captain, girlfriend of Kevin. Brittany's not a stereotypical dumb blonde. She's way dumber than that.
Kevin Thompson
Lawndale High football team QB, boyfriend of Brittany. Kevin wears his pads all the time. ALL THE TIME. Probably because he needs them.
Jodie Landon
Lawndale High Student Council Vice President. Jodie is smart, friendly, cool, and well-adjusted. What's she doing on this show?
Michael Jordan "Mack" MacKenzie
Captain of the Lawndale High football team, boyfriend of Jodie, Daria's friend. You'd think a jock and Daria getting along would be about as likely as your couch getting a job, but it works because Mack's smart, friendly, and cynical.
Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III
Upchuck thinks he's Lord of the School. He's not.
Sandi Griffin
Lawndale High Fashion Club President. Don't worry, she wouldn't talk to you anyway.
Stacy Rowe
Lawndale High Fashion Club Secretary. Stacy's unusual. Y'know, the lights are on, but no one's home. Well, they're really not even on.
Tiffany Blum-Deckler
Lawndale High Fashion Club Coordinating Officer. Her calm exterior masks a deep, boiling hatred of your outfit.

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